Character information
Full name:Earth
Age:4.5 billion years
Home:Solar system
Enemies:Milky Way
Miscellaneous Information
First Appearance: Not yet
Abilities:Growing plants
Earth is the protagonist of the story, 'Beyond Outer Space'. They're the third planet from the Sun and the personification of the Earth. Currently, they are the only planet known in the story to have life on their planet.

History Edit

Currently, not much is known about Earth's role in Beyond Outer Space except that they are the protagonist.

Appearance Edit

Earth is shown to have an oval face, and brown hair that's also slightly wavy. Their eyes are oval in shape and their irises have an ocean blue colour. Their eyebrows are dark brown and Earth's nose is somewhat pointed upwards.

Earth appears to be of normal length. They wear a mint green sweatshirt, that they also keep unzipped. Beneath they wear a dark blue shirt, with a light yellow disc on it. The lower part of their shirt also has this light yellow colour. Further on, Earth wears dark turquoise, cuffed jeans and light yellow and dark blue shoes.

Personality Edit

At the moment, not much is known about Earth's personality.

Relationships Edit

Milky Way Edit

It is known that Earth is an enemy to Milky Way, but more is not known about the relation between the two.

Moon Edit

The only thing known between the relationship of Earth and Moon, is that Moon is a guard of Earth.

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