Character information
Full name:Hieronymus de Kraaij
Age:208 years
Home:The Netherlands
Miscellaneous Information
First Appearance: Not yet
Abilities:Creating objects out of thin air, materialising into an unkindness of ravens
Hieronymus is a character in the story, 'Ghost from the Sea'. He's a plague doctor and is an inhabitant of the Underworld.

History Edit

Currently, not much is known about his role in Ghost from the Sea, except that he resides in the Underworld.

Appearance Edit

Hieronymus is shown to be tall and slender. He holds a bird-beak shaped, pale mask on his face, with dark glasses. He also wears a broad-brimmed dark coloured hat, and a large dark coat with a belt around his middle. This belt also has a pocket, in which are kept items, probably. Furthermore, Hieronymus wears black gloves and boots.

At times, Hieronymus is also seen with a long, wooden staff. At the top of this staff is a small hourglass with wings attached to it.

It is unknown what lies underneath the costume.

Personality Edit

On his reference sheet it is said that he is a rather enthusiastic fellow, but he is also tenacious and strong-willed. Furthermore, he is inventive and melancholic.

He seems to like alchemy and books, as those can give him the knowledge to find a way to cure the plague and exterminate it. His favourite birds are corvids, which was to be expected since he owns a rook. He also shows a liking for the lavender flower. One of his hobbies is playing the piano.

Things he does not like include rats and summer, but also being disturbed and losing people. He also shows a hatred for the plague, which isn't that much of a surprise since he is a plague doctor.

Relationships Edit

Hierooknymus Edit

Hierooknymus is Hieronymus's pet rook. The relation between the two is unknown.

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