Milky Way

Milky way "hmmm"

Character information
Full name:Milky Way
Age:13.7 billion years
Miscellaneous Information
First Appearance: Not yet
Occupation:Ruler of the Milky Way galaxy
Milky Way is the main antagonist of the story, 'Beyond Outer Space'. She's the ruler of the Milky Way Galaxy and also its personification. One of her goals seems to be the destruction of all life that resides within her galaxy.

History Edit

Currently not much is known about her role in Beyond Outer Space, but it is known that she wants to eradicate all life that's within her galaxy. This is due to the fact life can be conscious and is capable of bringing change, including change that may be a cause for destruction.

Appearance Edit

At the moment, Milky Way is shown to have very pale skin and a rather narrow face. Her nose is also long, and the tip of it points upwards. Milky Way's eyes have a round shape, and her eyebrows have a colour similar to her hair. Her hair is long and has a light orange colour, and it also seems to sparkle.

The clothing she wears is shown to be of a dull purple-blue colour. The collar that's on Milky Way's clothing is wide, and its ends are put together by a round, pale lilac gemstone.

Personality Edit

Her personality so far is unknown, but due to the fact she has a need to eradicate all life without thinking about other solutions makes her a kind of close-minded person. Also the need to destroy lives shows that Milky Way is callous as well.

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Earth Edit

It is known that Milky Way wants to destroy all life that's within her galaxy, which makes Earth one of her enemies. Further information regarding the relationship between the two is not yet known.

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