Character information
Full name:Rodger Stewart
Age:1 year
Species:Domestic cat (Felis catus)
Home:United States
Allies:Jack, Valentina, Gwen
Relatives:Gwen, Keith
Miscellaneous Information
First Appearance: Stardust
Rodger is the protagonist of the webcomic, 'Stardust'. He's the son of Gwen and Keith, and currently resides in an American city as a stray.

History Edit

Currently, not much is known about his role in the new version of Stardust.

Appearance Edit

Rodger is shown to be a ginger tabby tom. His fur is long, especially around the cheeks and tail, and he has a light salmon coloured nose and pawpads. His eyebrows are thick and have a dark colour. Rodger's eyes have a golden colour, whereas the colour of his sclera is a lighter variant of this. The fur on the underside of his tail and body, the inside of his ears and the area that surrounds his mouth has a pale cream colour. Rodger also has tufts of fur sticking out from the top of his head and the tip of his ears.

He wears a purple-ish red jacket, with a fur collar, and a white shirt underneath. The trousers he wears have a peach colour, and his boots have the same colour as his jacket. Rodger's belt, the cuffs of his sleeves and boots are of a darker purple colour.

Personality Edit

It is said on his reference sheet that Rodger is strong-willed, curious, independent, calm and passive.

Due to Stardust being revisioned, his personality will probably change somewhat.

Relationships Edit

Gwen Edit

Gwen is Rodger's mother and it was shown the two had a good bond with each other.

Jack Edit

On Rodger's reference sheet it is shown that Jack is one of Rodger's friends.

Valentina Edit

On Rodger's reference sheet it is shown that Valentina is one of Rodger's friends

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